Sponsor a Foster Program

Royal Hounds has built a very successful program which relies on foster homes to house dogs awaiting adoption. Our foster homes are doing the dogs a great service by giving them a loving environment in which to live and learn while they await adoption. You can be a big part of our foster program by helping us feed our pups!

We do not rely on pet store donated food for our foster dogs, as it can be a mix of different foods and brands. A consistent diet is imperative for the foster dog's health and well-being. We feed our dogs a high quality kibble so they get off to the right start with fewer digestive issues.

This protocol can be a rather expensive endeavor for our small non-profit. This is where you come in. We need your help so we can continue fostering dogs while they await their forever homes. Your contribution will provide nourishing food for a hungry foster pup. 

Thank you on behalf of the greyhounds!  Every little bit helps!

Lance, formerly Oshkosh Unit, adopted by the Feller family.

You may also mail a check or money order:

Royal Hounds
113 Cherry St #24436
Seattle, WA 98104-2205

Thank you for your consideration, the pups appreciate it!  

Donate on a monthly recurring basis. The pups will thank you, and so will we!

Foster Program

Make a one time donation. Any amount is appreciated!

If you are no longer able to donate on a monthly basis, please use this button to stop your payments.



Your questions are welcomed, please e-mail for any further information.